Bloggfrslur mnaarins, febrar 2010

Rafmagnsbll sem hentar slandi?

Myndir htta me hitaveituna og taka upp olukyndingu? g efast um a flk geri a tilneytt. egar rafmagnsblar vera ornir algengir mun fum detta hug a kaupa olu fr rum lndum til a komast milli staa.

stan fyrir v a rafmagnsblar fst ekki er fyrst og fremst battertknin. Flestir eru ornir vanir v a komast me tveggja tonna bl 700 klmetra einum tanki. Rafgeymar sem koma bl ara eins vegalengd eru ekki til enn.

Hins vegar eru 90% fera rfir klmetrar. a vri gott a kaupa ltinn rafmagnsbl fyrir essar ferir og alvru jeppa fyrir utanbjarferirnar. arna vinna reglur landsins mti, v vi verum a borga full afnotagjld og tryggingar, lka fyrir bla sem eru keyrir rfa daga ri.

Nr bll er vntanlegur marka essu ri sem er rafmagnsbll, me rafgeyma sem koma honum aeins um 100 klmetra en svo er "ljsavl" hddinu sem fer gang og hleur geymana eftir a. S sem keyrir svona bl innanbjar getur tt von v a urfa ekki a kaupa bensn vikum ea mnuum saman, ef hann setur blinn samviskusamlega hleslu kvldin. Hann verur ekki strandaglpur tt geymarnir tmist.

etta held g a hljti a vera framtin. etta er sambrilegt vi "sndarminni" tlvum ar sem hari diskurinn tekur vi egar raunverulegt minni klrast. Hr eru myndir af blnum sem heitir Opel Ampera:




Helstu rk gegn rafmagnsblum erlendis er a a arf olu ea kol til a ba til rafmagn blana. essi rk eiga ekki vi hr landi. N egar bensni er komi upp fyrir 200 kr / ltrinn held g a flk fari a vera tilbi a kaupa "bensn fyrir 5 krnur ltrann" en a er kostnaurinn vi a hlaa rafmagnsbl. "Old habits die hard" segir mltki, vonandi fer essi olusiur a renna sitt skei.

Olympuleikarnir hskerpu

Sumari 2008 skrifai g a tsendingar hskerpu vru ekki boi hr landi fr Olympuleikunum Beijing.

Smu sgu er a segja um vetrar olympuleikana nna. slendingar keyptu flatskji grinu en vera a lta sr ngja gmlu PAL tsendingarnar.

Noregur og Danmrk eru farin a horfa efni hskerpu, kk s meal annars, DR1 HD og NRK1 HD stvunum. Hr landi er hins vegar ekki veri a fjrfesta njungum, a var ekki gert grinu og ekki er lklegra a hin ofurskuldsettu fyrirtki geri a nna.

N er hins vegar hgt a sj tsendingarnar fr Olympuleikunum hskerpu netinu:

a gti hugsast a Interneti eigi eftir a relda sjnvarpstsendingar hr landi ef gmlu fyrirtkin fara ekki a bregast vi.

Af hverju a kaupa skrift a myndlykli ef ltil PC tlva me netsamband, tengd vi stofusjnvarpi getur snt bmyndir af hrum diski hupplausn, erlendar tvarps og sjnvarpsstvar, YouTube, og teki upp og spila DVD og Blue-Ray diska?

Hr er snishorn af tsendingunni eins og hn birtist tlvuskj:


Til sambanburar er hr upplausn tsendingar RV netinu:


Hr er PC tlva sem getur tengst sjnvarpinu stofunni, spila hupplausn af diski og neti en er ltil og hljlt.


Hn fst Tlvutek Borgartni. Athugi a ADSL heim arf a vera 2 megabitar sekndu a lgmarki til a sj hskerpu tsendingu af netinu.

Dausfll af vldum galla Toyota blum

Flk hefur veri a deyja t af essum galla blunum, nokku sem g hafi ekki gert mr grein fyrir slenskum frttum.

r erlendum blum:

Fe Lastrella refused to speak Wednesday of the ghastly accident that devastated her family. She didn't need to.

Everyone in House hearing room knew that hers was the tragedy that galvanized attention around safety flaws of Toyotas, led to the recalls of millions of cars and brought the scion of the world's largest automaker before a congressional committee to apologize.

Akio Toyoda had left the room for a news conference when Lastrella, a petite grandmother from San Francisco, took a seat at the witness table. Tearful from the first word, she announced that she would not talk about the Aug. 28 accident that robbed her of two grown children, a granddaughter and a son-in-law.

The unspeakable details: A Lexus ES 350 sedan borrowed from a dealer, filled with Lastrella's family: her son Chris, daughter Cleofe; Cleofe's husband, Mark Saylor -- and Cleofe and Mark's 13-year-old daughter, Mahala.


The stuck accelerator that turned the car into a missile traveling at more than 100 mph, near Santee, Calif.; the recorded 911 call that captured their harrowing last moments; Chris' voice, telling the others to pray.

And finally, Lastrella's disbelief the next morning when she learned at first that three had been killed -- then, all four.

The crash got the attention of the world's largest automaker and inspired Akio Toyoda, the Japanese grandson of the company's founder, to testify in an extraordinary appearance before a committee of the U.S. Congress in Washington.

He apologized generally to Congress, millions of Toyota owners and to the Saylor family -- specifically and repeatedly -- during three hours of testimony.

Then he left, and Lastrella took her seat at the table.

She didn't mention him or the apologies. Instead, she talked of her children and their lives. She noted that Saylor, a California Highway Patrol officer at the time of the crash, had been awarded in 1997 for pulling a man from a burning car.

"It is ironic that he saved someone, and he wasn't able to save his family," Lastrella said.

a er ekki fyrir venjulegt flk a gera vi bla lengur. a arf tlvu til a tala vi blinn, topplyklasett dugir ekki lengur til. Undarlegir tmar.

Ef essi dausfll vera rakin til hugbnaarvillu, getur veri a tlvunarfringar fari a f stfari reglur um byrg eins og gerist hj verkfringum fyrir ld egar gufujrnbrautarlestir sem sprungu uru til ess a eftirlit me verkfringum var strauki (og verkfringar fengu rka stttarmevitund).

r annari grein:

Anderson notes: A control system adopting a different, anomalous and perhaps dangerous state once in a blue moon when there is an intermittent fault. The moment the fault disappears, the control system goes back to its normal state. It is hardly surprising that subsequent testing fails to reveal any fault. There are plenty of examples of physical systems having normal and faulty states and a small change may move the system from one state to the other. The manufacturers know this perfectly well. Their prescription of wiggle tests on connecting cables to identify poor connections and make them better is indicative of the vulnerability of car electrics to intermittent contacts.

And in denying that this problem even occurs, manufacturers have foregone countermeasures altogether, Anderson said.

The problem really is: these systems are designed so if they do fail there is nothing the driver can do about it.

PS: Hr er gamalt dmi um dausfll vegna hugbnaarvillu:

The accidents occurred when the high-power electron beam was activated instead of the intended low power beam, and without the beam spreader plate rotated into place. The machine's software did not detect that this had occurred, and therefore did not prevent the patient from receiving a potentially lethal dose of radiation. The high-powered electron beam struck the patients with approximately 100 times the intended dose of radiation, causing a feeling described by patient Ray Cox as "an intense electric shock". It caused him to scream and run out of the treatment room.[3] Several days later, radiation burns appeared and the patients showed the symptoms of radiation poisoning. In three cases, the injured patients died later from radiation poisoning.

Researchers who investigated the accidents found several contributing causes. These included the following institutional causes:

  • AECL did not have the software code independently reviewed.
  • AECL did not consider the design of the software during its assessment of how the machine might produce the desired results and what failure modes existed. These form parts of the general techniques known as reliability modeling and risk management.
  • The system noticed that something was wrong and halted the X-ray beam, but merely displayed the word "MALFUNCTION" followed by a number from 1 to 64. The user manual did not explain or even address the error codes, so the operator pressed the P key to override the warning and proceed anyway.
  • AECL personnel, as well as machine operators, initially did not believe complaints. This was likely due to overconfidence.[4]
  • AECL had never tested the Therac-25 with the combination of software and hardware until it was assembled at the hospital.

The researchers also found several engineering issues:

  • The failure only occurred when a particular nonstandard sequence of keystrokes was entered on the VT-100 terminal which controlled the PDP-11 computer: an "X" to (erroneously) select 25MV photon mode followed by "cursor up", "E" to (correctly) select 25 MeV Electron mode, then "Enter". This sequence of keystrokes was improbable, and so the problem did not occur very often and went unnoticed for a long time.[3]
  • The design did not have any hardware interlocks to prevent the electron-beam from operating in its high-energy mode without the target in place.
  • The engineer had reused software from older models. These models had hardware interlocks that masked their software defects. Those hardware safeties had no way of reporting that they had been triggered, so there was no indication of the existence of faulty software commands.
  • The hardware provided no way for the software to verify that sensors were working correctly (see open-loop controller). The table-position system was the first implicated in Therac-25's failures; the manufacturer revised it with redundant switches to cross-check their operation.
  • The equipment control task did not properly synchronize with the operator interface task, so that race conditions occurred if the operator changed the setup too quickly. This was missed during testing, since it took some practice before operators were able to work quickly enough for the problem to occur.
  • The software set a flag variable by incrementing it. Occasionally an arithmetic overflow occurred, causing the software to bypass safety checks.

The software was written in assembly language that might require more attention for testing and good design. However the choice of language by itself is not listed as a primary cause in the report. The machine also used its own operating system. Toyoda bist afskunar
Tilkynna um vieigandi tengingu vi frtt

Hva kallast svona ritstll?

Brynjar Nelsson lgfringur byrjar grein Pressunni svona:

Hinn 13. febrar sl. birti kona nokkur, Anne Sibert a nafni, grein tmariti ar sem hn gat ess m.a. a slendingar gtu vel ri vi fjrskuldbindingar samkvmt fyrirliggjandi Icesave-samningi. Mr skilst a konan s prfessor hagfri einhvers staar tlndum og sitji peningastefnunefnd Selabanka slands vegum Samfylkingarinnar.

g ekki konuna ekki neitt en mr fannst svo undarlegt a Brynjar vri vafa um a hn s prfessor hagfri. g kva a "Googla" nafni hennar og fkk strax etta:

Anne Sibert, Department of Economics, Mathematics and Statistics, Birkbeck, University of London, Malet Street, London WC1E 7HX.

London University er ekki "einhversstaar tlndum, hann er London Englandi. Stofnaur 1836, 120 sund nemendur takk fyrir.

Hr er lsing nnu heimasu sklans:

Anne Sibert is Professor and Head of the School of Economics, Mathematics and Statistics at Birkbeck College. She is a CEPR Research Fellow and was an Economist at the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System in Washington. Her research interests lie in macroeconomics, especially monetary policy. She is a member of the Monetary Policy Committee of the Central Bank of Iceland, and serves on the Panel of Economic and Monetary Experts for the European Parliament's Committee for Economic and Monetary Affairs and the Council of Economic Advisors to the Opposition Front Bench, UK. She has served on the Editorial Boards of several journals and was Associate Editor of the Economic Journal. She earned her PhD in economics at Carnegie-Mellon University in 1982.

Ferilskr hennar er hr.

Greinaskr er hr.

Listi yfir nlegar greinar um bankakrsu og sland:

Af hverju titlar Brynjar hana "konu nokkra einhversstaar tlndum?" Hn er greinilega bin a sanna sig og betra skili en a vera uppnefnd "einhver kona einhversstaar tlndum"
Ori yfir svona ritstl er "belittling" ea "denigrating" ensku. Hva kallast annig ritstll slensku?
Svo segir Brynjar:
Vel minnst, hvenr eru skoanir frimanna frilegar og hvenr ekki? Eru kannski allar skoanir frimanna frilegar? Auvita ekki, en eir kannski halda a?

Skoanir eru ekki frilegar ef Brynjar vi ori sem samheiti yfir "Vsindalegar". Rkstuningur vi skoanir getur hins vegar veri frilegur. g tla ekki a fara a alhfa um alla frimenn eins og Brynjar leyfir sr a gera.

"Or skulu standa" eftir John Zufelt er asend grein sem sumir gtu sagt a vri rttk en er engu a sur hrrtt.

eir sem hafa s heimildamyndina "Money as debt" hafa heyrt ennan boskap ur. Arir geta lesi hann fyrsta skipti hr.

Hr er rdrttur:

Modern banking is truly a scam for economic slavery. In fact we do not even need banks, our governments can create money interest free.

gamla daga prentai rki peninga og notai til a byggja a sem okkur vantai. etta skapai verblgu en hn kom amk. llum til ga. Nverandi "verblga" kemur aeins bnkunum til ga, a eru eir sem prentuu peningana, ekki rki.

Annar rdrttur:

More and more countries are coming to the same position that Iceland is in. They are bankrupted by the false money system. Pension plans are being seized, government assets are being sold for pennies on the dollar, health care and social structures are being removed, and increasingly, more and more enslaved people are turning to watch Iceland to see what you will do, hoping you will have the strength to fight these looters.

Greinin heild sinni er hr:

Kreppan rum rkjum heims er ekki undanhaldi. Sennilegra er a hn s "double dip" fyrirbri, a nsta dfa s framundan.

Sj einnig grein Financial Times hr:

"Gu frttirnar" eru a dollari og evra hrynja vonandi niur til smltis krnunni -- sta ess a hn rsi falla hinir gjaldmilarnir.

Til slu - nota

g kva a auglsa til slu tvr feratlvur og skjvarpa, og kkti neti til a reyna a gera mr hugmynd um hvar best vri a auglsa.

a kom vart a umferin af auglsingum er ekki hj Mbl, DV, Frttablai, heldur er hn srvefjum:

Hins vegar:

etta er merkilegt, v rum lndum sem g hef bi voru flugir ailar me kaup og slu notuum vrum.

  • Danmrku var a "Den Blaa Avis" (
  • ͠ North Carolina var srbla sem heitir "The Village Advocate" sem tti allan sm auglsinga markainn fyrir binn samt "Craig's list" (
  • Svo var E-bay landsvsu.

g er hlf hissa a ekkert blaanna skuli hafa unni yfir ennan marka og a hann skuli vera svon a "underground" eli snu. g lykta a a s ekkert upp r essu a hafa og a etta s best gert hlfgerri sjlfboavinnu.

g myndi samt vilja sj vefsu sem bendir hvaa vefir eru gir fyrir mismunandi vrutegundir, og svo vil g spyrja lesendur hvort eir vita um ga vefi ara en g hef nefnt?

2 fyrir 1 - ef verzlar ekki vi slendinga

g kkti heimasu EJS. Dell Inspiron feratlva me 15" skj kostar ar 149.900 kr.

Windows 7 er ekki innifali, heldur Windows Vista (sem tti ekki a vera til slu lengur, a er relt og vinslt). Windows 7 kostar 16.100 vibt, svo tlvan kostar 166 sund.

Svo kkti g Dell Bandarkjunum. Sama tlva ar kostar nna 699$. Mia vi nverandi gengi 128kr/$ gerir a 88.773 kr. Windows 7 er innifali v veri.

a m v kaupa tvr tlvur veri einnar ef versla er Bandarkjunum. Reyndar eru tlvurnar ekki eins, g valdi drustu tlvuna Bandarkjunum sem er betur tbin en s slenska.

8GB iPod kostar n 39.995 kr. Elko en 139.99$ Amazon sem gerir 17.918 kr.

a m v kaupa meira en 2 iPod veri eins Bandarkjunum.

g tek essi tv dmi af v etta eru algengar vrur, sem hreyfast miki. a tti a vera samkeppni um a flytja inn en samt virist vera egjandi samkomulag um a leggja 100% r.

etta er svipu lagning og var fyrir hrun, snist mr. 100% er "elileg lagning" slandi (en ekki annars staar). EJS og Elko eru ekki verri en arar verzlanir a essu leyti.

a er ekki nttrulgml a lagning s svona h. Flutningskostnaurinn tskrir ekki muninn. Grnn pipar kostar 300 kr kli svo a kostar ekki meira en 300 krnur a flytja eitt kl inn af einhverju.

g panta ekki sjlfur netinu vegna ess a landi er svo loka. g tiloka mguleikann fyrirfram af v g nenni ekki a berjast vi tollinn og tiktrurnar honum.

tt g flytti tlvuna inn sjlfur myndi g lenda aftur kjaftinum tollinum ef hn bilai og g yrfti a fylla t skrslur til a koma henni viger.

Verslunareigendur vita etta og haga lagningu samkvmt v.

Ef hgt vri a lika fyrir innflutningi me pstverslun held g a vruver slandi myndi lkka. Hn myndi veita heildslum og smslum ahald sem eir f alls ekki dag.

Um hjladekk

Dekk skipta miklu mli hjli, au hafa hrif stringuna og hversu ungt er a knja hjli.

  • Grft mynstur er hvrt og gerir hjlreiar erfiari.
  • Dekkjarstingur a vera rttur, annars er mjg lklegt a springi, og rstingurinn er hrri en heldur. Notau v rstingsmli og lestu utan dekki hver rstingurinn a vera! Bllinn minn notar 35 pund en hjli yfir 70 pund.
  • Til a forast a springi skiptir mli a dekki s ekki margra ra gamalt og ori sprungi ea klstra.
  • a er miklu auveldara a hjla grnnum dekkjum en au springa oftar, srstaklega af v au eru vikvmari fyrir lgum rstingi.
  • Til eru dekk me Kevlar strimli undir yfirborinu. au eru ger fyrir borgarastur ar sem malbiki er yfirleitt sltt og lti rf fyrir grft mynstur, en ru hvoru kemur steinfls, glerbrot ea mlmsvarf. g mli me essum dekkjum.
  • Grft mynstur getur fanga steinflsar sem vinna sig svo inn gegnum dekki. Fnna mynstur sleppir frekar essum steinum.
  • a skiptir meira mli a kaupa lttari dekk en lttara hjl, dekkin ferast miklu meira en hjli :)

eir sem hjla innanbjar urfa ekki grfmynstru dekk. Mynstur gerir gagn til a ttast fram grfu undirlagi, en a yfirleitt ekki vi bnum.

Blar eru alltaf me dekkjamynstur til ess a vatn komist undan dekkinu, annars getur vatnsfilma myndast egar keyrt er hratt ("Aquaplaning").

Hjladekk eru svo mj og snertifltur eirra vi veginn er svo ltill a essi vatnsfilma getur ekki myndast. ar gildir, v meira gmm snertingu vi veg, v betra. Ef vilt betri snertingu vi veginn hjli, kauptu dekk me breiari bana, ekki grfara mynstri.

Hr eru tvr greinar um hjladekk:

etta dekk myndi g velja borgarakstur, ekki grfara:


Dekkjarstingur hjlum er svo hr, a a er best a kaupa sr almennilega pumpu me rstingsmli. Handheldu pumpurnar eru ekki ngu flugar, tt r megi nota ney.

rencompressor1.jpg Hvassar steinflsar sprengja hjladekk
Tilkynna um vieigandi tengingu vi frtt


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